difference between eye cream and eye serum

Eye Serum vs. Eye Cream: What's the Difference? | NotoxMD

Eye Serum vs. Eye Cream: What's the Difference? | NotoxMD

Our eyes, often known as the ‘windows to the soul’, are also the delicate canvas upon which the signs of aging, stress, and fatigue can manifest. Searching for the perfect eye care product becomes crucial as we strive to maintain a vibrant and youthful appearance. 

Enter the dynamic duo: eye serums and eye creams. With countless options lining cosmetic store shelves, choosing between these two skincare powerhouses can be overwhelming. Fear not; we are here to shed light on their unique characteristics and benefits.

Uncover the secrets of each ingredient's unique superpowers, understanding how they combat fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, and dryness around the delicate eye area. By the end of this blog, you will have the knowledge to decide which product suits your needs best.

What Does An Eye Serum Do?

Eye Serum vs Eye Cream: What's the Difference? | NotoxMD

The eye serum is like other facial serums, but it is specifically formulated to help the skin all around your eyes. As we know, serums are generally known for having highly concentrated ingredients with low molecular weight. This quality makes their absorption super easy into the areas of application. 

What Do Eye Serums Have in Common?

Serums contain some common ingredients, including the following:

The above ingredients help skin concerns like dark circles, skin laxity, signs of aging, and environmental damage.

What Does An Eye Cream Do?

Eye Serum vs Eye Cream: What's the Difference? | NotoxMD

An eye cream is a moisturizer containing powerful skin-boosting ingredients. It is also specially prepared to hydrate the application area around and under the eyes. The compounds are richer than a typical face moisturizer, of course! 

Eye creams may not have the same high concentration of ingredients, yet many of them come with anti-aging compounds such as retinol and antioxidants. But these ingredients take a bit longer to penetrate the skin's surface as compared to the eye serums. 

What Do Eye Creams Have in Common?

Eye creams share the following common ingredients to benefit the eyes:

  • Emollients (to lubricate and soothe the look of the skin)
  • Humectants (to help retain moisture)
  • Occlusives (to visibly lock in the moisture)

Difference Between Eye Serums & Eye Creams

Eye Serum vs Eye Cream: What's the Difference? | NotoxMD

The key difference between eye serums and eye creams is their potency or concentration of ingredients, where serums are more intense and creams are less so. Nevertheless, we cannot say that one is better than the other for your particular skin type. 

Here is a better analysis of their differences if you consider eye cream or eye serum?

1. The Purpose – Know Your Why?

Why you want to buy eye serum or cream matters. Your specific eye concern and the goal you want to achieve through that high-quality product will impact your decision. Clarifying your goal will help you buy a serum, a cream, or both simultaneously. 

The most common eye concerns may include any or few of the following:

  • Dark under-eye circles. 
  • Puffy eyes or bags under the eyes.
  • Crow's feet wrinkles around the eye corners (the apparent signs of aging).

2. The Texture of the Product

The product's texture is also important. Depending on what works well for your skin type, you can decide what to go for. 

If you like more water-based product applications, you should use serums as they're very thin formulas. Besides, to achieve more moisturized skin around your eyes, select eye creams. Eye creams are rich moisturizers with occlusive attributes. 

Creams feel thicker on your skin. They might interfere when applying makeup or other skincare or eye-specific products. Higher-quality eye creams and serums never affect your skincare rituals because they balance their natural tendencies to interact with typical skin types better. 

3. Skin Type Benefits

Eye serums, with their lightweight formulas and fast absorption, are versatile and ideal for all skin types, especially oily or mature skin needing extra moisture.

On the contrary, mature skin tends to become drier with age. It needs more moisture to look and feel better. In this case, an eye cream is more beneficial, even with chronically dry skin. 

Most modern eye creams are advanced formulas with effective ingredients and moisturizing compounds. These creams refresh and improve the appearance of the face and beat skin aging issues. 

Beautiful Skin Starts Here

Eye Serum vs Eye Cream: What's the Difference? | NotoxMD

Get a head start by adding quality products to your skincare routine. Rid yourself of the dark circles, puffiness, or bags under and around your eyes with proper skin care and top-quality products

But before you do that, it's essential to know the reasons that are causing them and affecting your quality of life, changing how you look. 

All common eye issues emerge from lack of sleep, sickness, or inadequate lifestyle. But like crows' feet wrinkles, they can also develop as we age or thinning of the skin around the eyes. 

To address these issues, you should use a potent eye serum that targets under-eye problems seamlessly. It is the best way to keep your eyes looking smooth, supple, and lively. 

Eye Serum Vs. Eye Cream – In a Nutshell!




Skin type

Eye serum

Caters specific skin concerns

Works best for anti-aging skincare routines

Mostly comes in watery consistency

Includes active ingredients that can easily penetrate the skin

Most serums have a lightweight formula. They work for all skin types, like sensitive and dry ones

Eye cream

Primarily used for moisturizing skin under and around the eyes

Mostly comes with thicker and creamier consistency that resembles face lotion

Has very few active ingredients or no active ingredients at all

Perfect for dry skin types, also suits normal and other skin types then usually get drier due to weather changes

Key Takeaway

Skin experts worldwide recommend using eye creams in your anti-aging skincare regime. It's simply because only well-moisturized, nourished skin can prevent undesirable fine lines and deep furrows. 

Whatever you choose between eye serum and eye cream, or even if you choose both, it's entirely up to you. Eye serums have not replaced eye creams – eye creams still are a winning product for many. Instead, adding eye serum to your skincare products will take your skin to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eye creams or eye serums, which products should I choose?

Eye serums and eye creams differ in terms of texture and some ingredients. You should select between the two based on your skin type and skin concerns. Both types of eye-specific products are beneficial to the area around the eyes.

Serums are more concentrated; they can even hurt sensitive skin (occasionally), whereas eye creams don't have active ingredients like serums. 

Are eye serums worth it?

The price of high-quality eye serums is justified by the remarkable improvements they bring to the skin's appearance, texture, and overall feel.

Can I use both an eye serum and eye cream simultaneously?

If the instructions of your products indicate they can be safely used together, feel free to incorporate both an eye serum and cream into your regimen.

Should I apply eye serum or eye cream first?

In your skincare routine, moisturizers act as a protective seal, thanks to occlusive compounds that lock in moisture on the skin's surface. As a result, it's recommended to apply them as the final step.


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