Dr Paul MD, World-Leading Skin Cancer Surgeon & Skincare Formulator

Dr Paul is a world-leading skin cancer surgeon and skincare expert

Dr Paul has seen over 100,000 patients and together with his surgical training makes him a world leader in all aspects of skin treatment.

Based in New Zealand, he has published and lectured widely on skin cancer medicine and surgical procedures, and is the author of popular bestsellers, Skin, a Biography (4th Estate), The Genetics of Health (Simon and Schuster) and TEDx talks.

Dr Paul created NO-TOX® because he was alarmed at having to repeatedly fix the side effects of Botox and fillers. Dr Paul believes, “one cannot have bad health and good skin” and therefore almost all ingredients in NO-TOX® have their own individual health (and thereby skin) benefits. Dr Paul's vision is to “nurture skin through nature” and therefore while NO-TOX® is a science-driven formulation that originated in his research lab, it is mostly plant- and plankton-based. NO-TOX®, his 7th formulation, was inspired by Dr Paul's drive to find “innovation that works” to provide patients with fast, effective results.

Dr Paul is a Doctor of Medicine, holds Masters degrees in Medical Law & Ethics and Cutaneous Surgery, and is an Adjunct Professor at the Auckland University of Technology.

Achievements & awards

  • 2001: Clinical Achievement Award
  • 2003: Health Innovation Award (NZ Ministry of Health)
  • 2012: NZ Medical Association’s highest Award, The Chair’s Award, only awarded to one doctor in the country across all specialties at a time
  • 2015: Ko Awatea International Excellence Award for Leading Skin Healthcare Improvement on a Global Scale

What others say about Dr Paul, his medical work, and skin research

  • "Open heart(ed) surgeon" ~TIME Magazine
  • "One of the most inspiring, intelligent and compassionate men you are likely to meet" ~ New Zealand Medical Association
  • "... presents a new paradigm in skin lines... although this new approach to skin tension lines seems somewhat deviant, it is comforting to have a model based on scientific data" ~ Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology
  • "First major new concept in skin tension lines since Langer’s cleavage lines in 1861" ~ Nature Springer